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AIRVAC Services

AIRVAC Systems Page Coming Soon Get started today with our AIRVAC Systems that allow you to offer more services to your customers and boost your revenue.  Get Started We offer FREE placements within the Chicagoland area* Questions? Call 1-888-696-1049   Agents available 24/7 Why Prefer DMS Over Other Processing Companies? DMS with the help of its […]

Website Services

Website Services We have affordable website packages to take your business online. Oftentimes, a website is the first time a customer interacts with your business. With DMS Website Services, we’ll create a website that grows your company and builds an online presence. It’s important for any business to have effective online presence, this includes a website, […]

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card and Debit Card Processing Offering Credit Card Processing a Core Service for Small Businesses We are among the top payment processing companies in the Chicagoland area, that enable businesses to integrate credit card processing into their stores and restaurants. We also assist small scale businesses in choosing the most appropriate credit card processing option for […]

ATM Solutions

ATM Placements and Processing Best ATM Machine Placement Services in Chicago & Surrounding Areas Whether you want to own an ATM machine or rent one, get in touch with DMS to select the best fit for your space. Dolphin Merchant Services give considerable leverage to Chicago businesses by offering FREE ATM placement options. Get Started We Install ATMs […]

ACH Processing

ACH Processing Favorable and Feature Rich Streamline your business’s administrative process and your customer’s purchasing experience with ACH Processing! More cost-effective than processing paper checks and credit cards.  Get Started ACH comes with little to no processing fees, so your organization can save money in the long run. Benefits of Accepting ACH Processing  Adding ACH […]