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ACH Processing

Favorable and Feature Rich

Streamline your business’s administrative process and your customer’s purchasing experience with ACH Processing! More cost-effective than processing paper checks and credit cards. 

ACH comes with little to no processing fees, so your organization can save money in the long run.

Benefits of Accepting ACH Processing 

Adding ACH Processing as a payment solution to your business or organization streamlines your administrative process making it more efficient and cost-effective. 

Collecting and depositing paper checks or processing credit cards can be an expensive process with all the associated fees. ACH comes with little to no processing fees, so your organization can save money in the long run. ACH payments also won’t involve hidden fees for failed transactions.

When making payments is easier for consumers, your business sees more transactions that support your revenue. With the help of recurring payments and saving account information, consumers can enjoy an undeniably streamlined purchasing experience that keeps them coming back.

ACH Payment Processing for Your Industry

SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS: SMBs face many challenges in payment processing and may turn to cash-only payments to sidestep fees and complexities. We streamline the payments process for these businesses, so they can maintain healthy cash flow, improve the consumer experience and reduce their administrative responsibilities.
GOVERNMENT: Municipal, state and federal government organizations accept payments from donors, grant providers and more. With the help of ACH transfers, these organizations can keep cash flowing and improve their relationships with constituents in the process.
HEALTHCARE: Healthcare organizations need to keep up with the modern demands for streamlined payment options. Hospitals, clinics and independent practices can improve patient payment rates with ACH processing.
RESIDENTIAL BUILDING MANAGEMENT: Landlords and property managers alike need to accept rental payments from their tenants. Offering quick and easy ACH payments means you receive rent payments on time and your tenants have a positive experience with your property.
SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE: SaaS companies can effectively manage the monthly subscription model with recurring ACH payments. With our API-first design and a single, robust platform for managing payment metrics, you can handle your revenue with confidence.
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